Join a community of monthly givers bringing education to children in need.

Add meaning to your month

When you join The Dream Club, you’re choosing to generously show up for kids month after month by championing their success through education. Here's what to expect when you join.

Giving on Autopilot

Feel like a superhero every month by automating your impact and putting a stamp on the future. Make investing in human potential your best habit.

See your Impact

Once you join, you'll get a monthly impact report called The Honor Roll, highlighting how your monthly gift is bringing the Dreams of communities to life.

Dreamers just like you.

This community is made up of giving and optimistic visionaries—like you—who are working toward the day every kid can go to school and pursue their Dreams.

This is how we end the education crisis.

Become a Dream Club member and help education become a reality for every child on the planet.

We can't make this Dream happen alone. Join us!
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