Help Ryan raise $1 million for education

A 50 state tour to drive our future forward


Education for every child, everywhere.

Become a part of The Dream Club and join an unwavering community of monthly givers passionate about bringing education to every child on the planet.

260 million children lack access to education.

We believe education is a basic human right that can provide opportunity, empower girls, uplift communities, improve health, and change lives. Through the work of local partners, we invest in sustainable projects that increase access to education and enable students to Dream without limits.


Global Dreams. Local investment.

We believe the best way to increase long-term access to education is supporting local partners that understand their communities best. With a local-first mindset, we provide grants to education projects around the world, helping more kids attend school.


Setting an example for the kind of charity we'd like to see in the world.

Charities have the most important purposes on the planet — and yet, they routinely fall short of for-profits. While keeping our purpose in mind, we lead with people at our core and entrepreneurship in our spirit. We challenge ourselves to drive innovation forward in the nonprofit sector.


Breaking barriers, together.

The path to solving the global education crisis is a long road ahead. Yet, there's something amazing about the word "crisis." It means you're at a pivotal moment in history and you can choose what’s written next. We’re rallying a global community passionate about giving every child a quality education.

More than a charity.

We’re not just a charity, we’re a movement made up of Dreamers, like you, who believe in endless possibilities to be better. Dreamers know the future is not a fixed destination. It's an ongoing journey that depends on who we are and what we do today. Our community is passionate about one thing: seeing the day every child can go to school — regardless of where they live.

A bold movement, working to change the course of history. It’s not just in the charity, but it’s in the people who choose to #DreamWithoutLimits.

We can't make this Dream happen alone. Join us!
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