Our Story

We were founded with a youthful essence and a purposeful objective: to end the global education crisis and close the opportunity gap.

While she didn’t know it then, a thirteen-year-old girl named Nala taught us so much about the importance of teachers and education.

While volunteering with an art program for kids experiencing homelessness, our founder, Ryan, asked what everyone wanted to be when they grew up. Nala was quiet and hesitant to share her answer but later said she’d likely turn to drug dealing and prostitution.

While Nala openly admitted she wasn’t proud of it, she felt it was the only option to support herself.

Ryan quickly realized Nala was not the only child who felt limited by their circumstances, so he encouraged every child, especially Nala, to think about their Dreams. Soon, the kids began to imagine the future they could create for themselves.

Nala, for instance, Dreamed of being an art teacher and providing kids with the love and guidance she needed growing up.

We started dream: success to give education the light it deserves.

244 million youth live without education. For nearly one in seven children, that means not knowing basic skills that should be universal, like being able to read, write, and understand simple math.

When children become students, they can reach their fullest potential. Through education, children can bridge the gap between their current circumstances and their desired futures.

It’s about collective impact.

Like Nala, many kids don’t realize their potential and ability to accomplish their Dreams. Like Ryan, we each have an opportunity to empower children to reach their Dreams.

We invite you to learn more about why education is important for children worldwide and how you can help create a legacy that will impact generations to come. See Why Education?

Then, consider joining The Dream Club, a community of Dreamers that give monthly to provide education to youth around the world. We believe in the day where every child has access to quality learning, and we want to celebrate that day with you.

We can't make this Dream happen alone. Join us!
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