Our Ethos

Our ethos reflects the heart and passion of a charity started by an ambitious 11-year-old who wanted to change the world.

Our quest to redefine charity.

In order to solve a global issue, we know we have to approach charity differently. By setting a strong why and how, we hold ourselves accountable to core behaviors that guide our organization.

Our Values Behaviors

We don't break rules. We create new ones.

We're cautious when it comes to conventional wisdom and keen on challenging everything — even if it means boldly taking an uncharted path.

We design to delight the soul.

Design is more than aesthetics, it’s functional, too. We’re intentional and take great care in how we show up because every touch point is a way to reach somebody.

We do the right thing.

We let nothing stand in our way of doing what’s right. It may be difficult, costly, and downright exhausting, but we’ll always respect the work and do our due diligence.

We treat everyone with dignity.

Every human is a special gift to the world. We genuinely and authentically care for others — no matter how difficult it can be — because how someone treats us shouldn't dictate how we treat them.

We aren't afraid to take risks and Dream big.

We shoot our shot and own our decisions, regardless of outcome. We never betray our former selves and know that calculated risks are worth advancing the future of Dream.

We can't make this Dream happen alone. Join us!
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